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1. Why are hard copy mailings not provided?


The cost of shipping 11x17 inch copies in an unbendable mailer would be prohibitive, particularly with international orders.


2. What should I do if I fail to download the files successfully from the download link?


Email Sally Christian at to receive the files as attachments.


3. How should I print copies of the digital files I have downloaded?


The files can be viewed on any computer or tablet & 8.5x11 inch copies can be printed on any home printer. 11x17 inch copies are best printed at a commercial printer (such as Kinkos or Staples) on 60 pound weight card-stock paper on a laser printer.


4. Why is a Teaching Video not available on YouTube for the piece I just purchased?


Almost all the pieces on the storefront catalog have companion Teaching Videos at New Teaching Videos will be posted ASAP after new repertoire is added to the storefront.


5. How should I practice using the New Layout Charts?


Please see the “How to Practice” section on “The Edition” page tab of the menu bar.


6. How can I contact Sally Christian with questions?


Email any questions and/or comments to Sally Christian at


7. Why do I need to purchase the New Layout Charts if I already own the traditional music score?


The New Layout Charts were developed to help with learning, analyzing, practicing, & memorizing pieces securely. Please see

“The Edition” page tab on the menu bar.

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